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Unfortunately, we ask that you bring your alcohol with you when you arrive.
All sales are final at the time of check out. We do not issue refunds unless the tours are cancelled due to a company decision. The reason we don’t issue refunds is because these spots fill up in advance and we do not have the ability for last minute cancellations due to scheduling.
Our staff does everything possible to ensure you have an amazing experience! The average gratuity is $10 a person, but if you feel our staff deserves more… GREAT! We can add gratuity to your card if you would like.
We have added a canopy so you can still enjoy your ride no matter the weather.

Select a tour and put the number of tickets for the size of your group. Then it will show the list of available times for that many people.

We require waivers to be signed before the tour begins. You can do this by clicking the link in your confirmation email or by clicking “waiver” on our website.
We recommend 20 minutes before the tour. That way we can get loaded up and maximize your time enjoying the ride.
Yes indeed. We check ID’s and confirm everyone who enters the bus has signed a waiver.

No need. We have two amazing ones on board.

It is hard for us to move a tour once scheduled. We will make every attempt, but out staff comes in at predetermined times dependent on scheduling. If we can there will be a 25% change fee applied.
Just your alcohol and mixers! We provide the coolers, ice and cups. NO GLASS PLEASE.
We ask that all beverages be poured into the cups we provide. If you would like to still drink from the can, we ask that you purchase one of our “koozies” to cover it.
Yes, they can be purchased by clicking the book now button.
Yes, private tours are available, and can be booked online or over the phone with the same process as booking a single-seat ticket. Just click the calendar, choose your day, and make sure you are booking for the Private Party Tour, not the single-seat tour!
If you have a group of 20 or more, please click “Contact OffTheWagon” to the left of the page to contact us directly. Click here to email or call 6159810106! Gratuity will be charged to any group over 20 people.
The only tours we can extend is the 9:00pm and 9:05pm (restrictions apply) and tips must be paid before extending the tour. Those tours are extended at the cost of $300 per hour and tips are not included in this as our employees rely on tips.
Absolutely, our charge for any damage will be a minimum of $150 up to any repair cost. This has only happened once in 6 years because someone decided to kick a light. The amount will be charged to the card on file if the person in the group does not accept responsibility. We will prosecute for any damages that are intentional. Just have fun, ITS WHAT WE DO! This should not be a concern……. unless you have “that friend.”
Only on our private tours. It has to be family friendly due to the visibility from the street. We recommend arriving the 20 minutes early so that the decorating doesn’t cut into the tour time. We will help set up.
No, we do not. We will keep whatever beverages you choose to bring cold for you. We will also hand them to you at your request and keep the party going.
Yes, advance purchase of tickets is required. We suggest booking well in advance to secure your preferred day and time. Tickets can be purchased online or over the phone with Visa, Discover, American Express or MasterCard.
Your safety is our top priority. If the weather conditions are unsafe, we will advise whomever made the reservation and either offer to switch your dates or issue a refund.
We will always contact you and let you know if your tour is cancelled (which rarely happens) as soon as we possibly can. It will be by email, phone or text. We know you all have your days planned out so we try to give as much notice as we can but sometimes mother nature just doesn’t cooperate. Please do not call about your tour being cancelled as this only delays us notifying the customers in a timely manner. If you haven’t heard from us via email, phone or text assume your tour is still on.
Yes, all riders must be at least 21 years old. In addition, everyone must bring a valid, government-issued ID to check in. Anyone who books a guest who is under 21 will not receive a refund and not be allowed to participate. Fake ID’s will be taken and turned over to the police.
If we identify a fake ID we will turn it over to the police and also cancel the tour without a refund. It’s not worth the risk to try it! Yes we will cancel the whole group. Everyone always knows who the ” under 21″. Please don’t ruin it for your friends.
Absolutely, we love to eat and drink! Just NO GLASS containers. We will give you plenty of cups to put your beer, wine, or liquor in. Please note that NO alcohol will be consumed if anyone underage is on board (special groups only NO UNDER 21). We are not able to accept alcohol or food prior to the tour.
When you think country, what pops in your head? A big green tractor! John Deere of course! Come take a ride on our big green tractor.
Yes! EVERYONE participating must provide a valid photo ID at the time of the tour and the waiver must be signed before arrival in order to expedite the check in process. You can find it on our website under “waiver.” All our waivers are electronic, we do not provide nor except paper copies.
Of course, we are in Music City! We love to rock out while cruising the streets. We have our custom sound system with our awesome Off The Wagon mixes and you can always make your own playlist on spotify and we can look it up. We do not allow for phones or devices to be connected to our radio system but don’t worry! We have almost EVERYTHING you can think of, minus Garth Brooks, He pays a lot of money for us not to play his songs, but we do have Taylor Swift finally. We also do not allow any vulgar music to be played. So, keep it your requests classy!
Us country folk of course! We have experienced drivers, and a knowledgeable bartender will pour your drinks! No, you can’t drive, I’ve already asked. Not only does your bartender make amazing drinks, they love to take pictures, so smile and say CHHHEEEEEZ!
Wear something comfortable. Remember, you are on a wagon, and we recommend closed toes shoes. Please don’t wear high heels, they are dangerous as we are moving and it’s hard enough to keep your balance on them on pavement. During winter months, please dress accordingly! We do not provide blankets, but you can bring them if you wish. Less clothes for warm, more clothes for cold….. you get it right!!!
Yes, unfortunately there is. We charge $150 for someone getting sick on the wagon. This will be charged to the card on file.
We are very easy to get along with and love to party but there as some things that are a “no-no’s”. They include throwing things off the wagon, giving alcohol to people on the street, taking off clothes, becoming a safety concern or not following staff instructions. Our staff has our full permission to have you removed from the wagon for not following their directions. This never happens as we want you to have a blast, don’t be one of the few!
No, unfortunately we can’t allow this because they become a safety issue to our customers and our insurance.
We try to run our full route every tour, but Nashville is a huge convention city and we have a lot of events that temporarily shut down some streets. We will always find an alternate route to make sure you have a great time.
The only way to be charged any additional fees is by throwing up or by going in the prohibited restaurants and them charging us. The clean-up fee is $150 unless the restaurants fees are raised. The fees will be charged to the purchasing parties credit card.